About Us

So what exactly is AirJesus.com?

AirJesus.com is a portal. A portal is a doorway, an entrance, or a gate.

AirJesus.com is a group of websites that take you away from the drudgery, pain, pressure, and the frustrations of this worldly life.



You will laugh. You will be enlightened, changed, lifted, and renewed.

In other words, YOU WILL FLY!!!


Each of the AirJesus websites is totally different.

Each is a gate and a path that will take you higher.

Prepare to Fly


Driving directions to The ARK of Salvation in Atlanta, GA

Read the “Meet The Pastors” section on TheOnLineWord.com

and the “Most Asked ?’s” on MountainWings.com

Statement of Faith


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